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I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!
Mine was quite an adventure :)
...And it ain't over for me yet since
I'm attending a Halloween party tonight ;)
Without going into written detail though
I have many many pictures of The Twilight Pumpkin Spectacular,
Sleepy Hollow, 1880's Halloween at OBVR, and my house on Halloween night!

Take a look:

10/23: The Twilight Pumpkin Spectacular

The grounds

Skeleton wedding

10/25-10/26: Sleepy Hollow

Phillipsburg Manor

Old Dutch Church Cemetary

The crazy groundskeeper. If you ever saw the movie, The Hollow, the Stacey Keech character is modeled after him.

Pretty leaves

What's believed to be the real Ichabod Crane's grave.

Washington Irving's burying spot

Back at the hotel, I spotted a deer. We just sat and stared at eachother for like 10 minutes until I gave up the staring contest and she ran away :p

My mom and I on the hayride (ignore her bloodshot eyes, her contacts malfunctioned)

The only shot I could manage to take on the ride without being harassed by actors :p

The adorable street signs around Sleepy Hollow- it really is Halloween Town :)

Phillipsburg Manor at night

Pathway to grounds

Creepy giant trees

Ghostly violen player

Story telling

The only shot of the Headless Horseman I could take. He rode around the field and creeped up on people.

Ghosts in the barn

The Legend Reading in the Old Dutch Church. It was particularly atmospheric in there, not only because of the candlelight, but because it was thundering and lightning at the time which made it quite eerie :)

10/26: OBVR's 1880's Halloween

My favorite house in the village

10/28: Lola's 10th Birthday

10/31: Halloween!

My house. Unfortunately, there was a malfunction in the fog machine so I couldn't use it this year, but I did have the new addition of the strobe light hitting the clown which definitely made up for it!

I made mini pumpkin pies :)

...So that was my Halloween! I went through lots of hardships (like having a mini-hurricane that demolished half of my decorations the weekend before Halloween, forcing me to fix everything as QUICKLY as possible) but in the end it was worth it :) Now tonight I'm off to my last Halloween extravaganza and after that it'll be time to begin planning for 2009!

Oh, and I forgot- taking everything DOWN *beats head against computer*

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