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Hi Y'all!

Just wanted to say "hey," and to see what folks think about a new piece I just put up for folks' perusal.  (I've tried to sell my work before, but never w/much success, so I figgered I'd see how kindred spirits felt about the work, to gauge if there's even a market for such stuffs.)  Maybe a print of this little one would go well up on an October Home's wall. ;D

It's a little ghosty, who's still hoping to get a bit of trick-or-treating done; called "Everyone Loves Hallowe'en." :)

Hope you like!

(X-posted at the various Hallow-centric communities, to gauge interest.)
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This is so cute! I'd totally buy it if I had any money :p
Glad you like. :D
I love it!
I dig your icon, too. :)